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© 2019 Jenna Isn't Famous



       Jenna Isn't Famous is a California-based singer/songwriter that brings a refreshing new take on the term “art pop.” The Syracuse, New York native initiated her exodus onto the West Coast in 2017 in pursuit of aggrandizing the potential of her musicality. Starting off with the family piano and the clarinet, Jenna has sought to document her experiences in the form of contrasting melodies. While her vocal performance calls back to the ballroom darlings of the 50’s and 60’s, the electronica and jazz-inspired melodies complimenting Jenna’s displaced vocals inject her music with the innovative trends of today. Jenna truly makes you wonder what the stars of the past century would’ve strived for with the technology of today in their hands.


    Aside from her vocal performance, Jenna also flexes her lyrical muscles in a roster full of intimate yet empowering words of wisdom. Through themes of independence and self-reliance, her lyrics burst with commanding energy while remaining witty in its self-awareness.


During Jenna’s shows, tunes about resentful nostalgia, heartbreak and lost dreams dance along empowered lessons for hopeful tomorrows. Her groovy melodies fuel the invigorating performances with their rich pop-jazz influences. On stage, Jenna displays that she knows what she wants and how to show it. Nothing lands on the senses without her stamp of approval. From the commanding stride towards the stage to that final moment when the mic’s retired on the stand, Jenna sheds her demons in plain view.